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The Company ...

Nordicwind Inc. provides Product Development and Technical Services focused on delivering server-based products with Quality User Interfaces.

The Product ... Nordicwind Document Management System : NOAH

The first Nordicwind product is a web-based documentation management system called NOAH.

Your company benefits from NOAH with:

  • Improved team efficiency by ensuring all members have access to the latest document versions.

  • File and Directory Access Control lets you manage who has access to what documents.

  • Meta-Data with file-locking tell users what that document is about and who is working on it.

  • Efficient sharing or publishing of documents with 'elinks' (email link-generator) and zip downloads.

  • Automation of tedious documentation tasks with NOAH's unique 'Client Scripting' feature.

  • An intuitive user interface, with plenty of tooltips and on-line help. Your users will be 'NOAH experts' in minutes!

Visit the NOAH webpage.

Contact ...

info [at] nordicwind [dot] ca

photo by Blount

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