Who am I

I use to work in the High Tech Sector in the Ottawa area .. but for over a decade now I've been retired!

This has meant that Marion and I get to cycle in the spring, summer and fall and ski in the winter! I also have time to work on various projects. Yes, I often 're-invent' the wheel .. but I'm allowed to do that since I'm retired and I enjoy learning new tools and figuring out how to write code for that special requirement I keep running into!

When I first retired, I thought I'd run a little company writing code for a Document Management System I called NOAH⇗. I soon realized I did not want to be on-call supporting my product so I made it open-source. Funny - not many takers - but I had fun coding this and made a few sales!

Now days I find myself researching cycling trips, assisting people with websites and setting up computers for a few senior friends and family. Yes, Linux is my choice and the computer at Unitarian House just runs and runs with just the odd update for printers or browsers.

I also enjoy working on our family tree database and I work with others to maintain the Lochaber Bay Cemetery⇗ where many of my ancestors are buried on the MacLachlan side.

My to-do List

Website Design Philosophy

This website is constructed for a 'minimalist' - using straight HTML and CSS (style sheets) with just a little JavaScript to toggle the menubar style for small screens. Over the years HTML and CSS have matured to the point where a basic knowledge of the two can give you a very clean and functional design.

OK, I'll admit it, I use a simple Perl script to process my 'source' HTML so all pages have a consistent head (menu) and tail (credits, legal). The result is I can easily debug/edit my web pages off-line and then upload the HTML files when I've tested new content.

Harold  (hb at nordicwind dot ca)

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