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2021-07-24 [1] : Sackville - stepping stone to the Cabot Trail

Hi All,

It's Saturday night in Sackville NB and all is well at the Marshlands Inn!

This place has lots of history with my grandmother and so it's fun to see Mount Allison and chat to the Inn keeper about how the cooks all came down from the Bay of Chaleur (Bathurst) to work in the kitchen!

That's Carmen with his new bike (in Ashton!) .. and Marion contemplating a bike in town.

We are having dinner here and the restaurant looks very interesting as does the rest of the Inn - including our room with the bed five feet off the floor! We might be able to float across the room from our bathroom (raised step) to the bed in the middle of the night .. else there will be a big crash!

Tomorrow we drive yet another significant distance to Baddeck (400km). We may sneak a ride in around Lake Ainslie just to warm up the bikes for the tour!

Harold and Marion

PS: The pole poetry in Sackville suggests there is a morbid history in the Marshes here .. will have to investigate!

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