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2020-02-21 : Blog .. link and last word

Hi Everyone,

I publish our blog .. link is on my home page.


We had a great time and it was so different from our other trips where we tend to move often with panniers.

We liked the weather, accommodation, Denia as a centre to ride from and ofcourse we enjoyed cycling with our UK friends!

The roads were generally great and the drivers were very patient with so many cyclists on the road. And yes we had some great rides with fabulous views!

We had one day with morning rain. Most days started a bit foggy/misty at 9:30 but  clouds usually lifting as we went inland. By 10:30 or 11am skies were clear with day time highs often upper teens and sometimes above 20C!

Our flights were good from Montreal  via airfrance with one stop (Paris on way out and Amsterdam on return). Luggage got checked through to destination and we hired a transfer service to Denia which was reasonable and a time saver.

We were very happy with our bike rentals and really liked the disk brakes especially on some of the long descents!

Valencia is definitely worth a longer visit! Very interesting architecture and apparently lots of museums.

At one of the bicycle cafes we picked up a map of all the cycling roads and climbs listed and ranked. Over 60! We left quite a bit on the table for a future visit! Many would be longer rides. Ofcourse, we could always reverse our routes and do the climbs the direction the pro teams do .. much steeper!

We hope your winter is going well where ever you are!

Cheers to all! Harold and Marion


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photos by Harold Blount - Copyright © 2019
hb at nordicwind dot ca