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2024-03-12 [11] : Vall d'Ebo

Today the winds shifted SSE and tapered. 20C (high) and sun all day makes a perfect Vall d'Ebo day!

It was just the three amigos (H,M and Dale) and hardly anyone on the roads .. except for a traffic jam of cyclists in the small village of Vall d'Ebo trying to get a cafe to open .. we think with no luck!

Fortunately we had our peanut butter and honey sandwiches with us and enjoyed a relaxing break on comfortable benches.

The first picture of the day is the sundial in Benigembla accurately indicating Standard Time (Spain switched to daylight savings last Sunday!)

The climbs and descents all day have been spectacular. We climbed to 600m elevation, down to 400m for lunch then back up to 540m for group pic before huge descent down to Pego (80m) then up to 210m before final descent to Sagra and home.
Marion bought the beer in Denia!
84km 1030m ascent
H,M and Dale

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