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2024-03-28 [22] : Chasing the Sun

We were all set to do the Val de Laguar up to Benimaurel but then the weather changed. No wind, a little rain but warm! 20C) .. so we decided on Masserof loop!

We started with a full platoon of 5 riders and took our first group photo while the sun was shining!

Coffee in Lliber as we watched dark clouds roll in. Rain in Xalo as we parted ways with R and J. Full of confidence, we started the climb to Port Bernina - and the rain abated - and it was a great climb! (D24-14)

A bit misty on the descent in to the warmth of the valley below.

Beer in Denia, sun came out .. double round! Thanks Dale!

Cheers to all!
M,J,R,D and H

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