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2024-03-07 [7] : The Beautiful Lliber Valley

Today was a day of murals .. but first we needed a coffee in Lliber which gave is this beautiful valley! (The almond trees seem to be suffering as the blossoms don't look very healthy).

Our route was D24-13-.. loop to Teulada via Lliber and .. Benissi - our B word of the day!

We had a few head winds, a sunny lunch by the square in Teulada and some nice climbs. The interesting murals were in Senija and Jesus Pobre .. they should look familiar from last year except for the cyclist!

Left overs tonight .. the chorizo picante sausage made the spaghetti delicious!

Tomorrow is another sunny day before a few days of rain!

H,M and Dale (everyone else has a different story to tell .. later!)

PS: 63km 750m

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