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2024-03-10 [9] : Sunny side up!

Yesterday was wind, some rain and great pastries! Marion got into her Spanish lessons ... and 'presto' she was speaking Spanish by this morning!

Off to the beautiful Lliber valley this morning! Headwinds did not seem to slow us with the promise of coffee and dessert in Lliber! (no make that Xalos! .. Lliber was shut down for town event.)

Joan has discovered how to recharge her ebike: Cake with decaf coffee! We are puzzled but it seems to work!

Swirling winds and spitting rain pushed Marion and Harold higher following the sun as the valleys to our backs clouded over with streaking rain clouds! The climb up to Fleix from Murla was great despite a large collection of steep 14% ramps!

Tailwind home ofcourse!

Great day despite cool temperatures and winds. 72km 800m

Dinner out tonight on the pier!
H,M,D,D and J

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