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2023-03-24 [21] : Ondara - long coffee

Hi All,

Marion wants me to explain the ascent variation from yesterday .. as follows:

- extra elevation gain up from Rates to restaurant (and beyond?) waiting for me;)
- coming back for me after my 'electrical' problem adding another 75m.

We had a great day today .. getting rather humid! A long coffee stop in Ondara as we met a couple from the Netherlands .. cycling.  Finally ended up cycling through Pego .. 55km 325m.

.. and I have an appointment for my electrical problem Monday @ 2pm and they say they can fix it and likely have the parts. Until then I'm "greasy finger" shifting .. which is not really a problem.

We are doing Forna loop tomorrow and then Sunday something short and packing/organizing for stage 2 of our trip. Stay tuned! Next blog will be Tuesday .. unless I'm pooped!

I'm attaching golden statues I should have included yesterday .. but there was so much to choose from!

Harold and Marion

(Click on image to open large version in new tab.)


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