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2023-03-04 [3] : Forna - the cat's meow

A 10am start! Can you believe it?

All week we've been struggling for 11:30 but all the stars aligned and (with Gerry and Neil's help) we made it to Oliva in time for Tostada Tomate! (If you are too late the menu switches to sweet pastries and cakes)

Last year we did this route to Forna clockwise .. but counter-clockwise gives you better views of the Castle (sorry, no pic!). Forna is a tiny village with a restaurant and today it was busy.

We found a quiet bench and ate our sandwiches and watched the cats. Only one could be caught by the camera!

Beautiful flowers through the centre of Pego before the ascent over the ridge to Sagra and home.

Thanks Gerry and Neil for a great day! Great temperature too close to 17C with lots of sun.

Tomorrow we do la Vall d'Ebo - a climb Carman missed last year!

H,M and C

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