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2023-03-10 [9] : Forna - to visit the cats

With Gerry and Neil, we did this loop counterclockwise. Today the winds were pretty high (gusting to 50km) so we thought Forna would be less exposed. We chose clockwise.

Our route: Ondara and in to the orange groves and across to Sagra to keep us out of the wind. Then a climb and down to Pego for Tostada con Tomate and coffee.

Out of town on the road to L'Atzuvia I heard Gerry whisper in my ear " better to do Forna on a weekend when the lorries are off the road". Good advice as yes there were quite a few until we switched to a side road west of town. Once past the Quarry peace and quiet!

We had a lazy lunch in the shade in Forna trying to take a picture of a cat.

Great down to Oliva and home on the strip with a tailwind.

Tomorrow winds are less and we have an eye on a climbing day!

H, C and M

PS .. we think the poster is for International Women's Day .. in Pego.

PPS .. my painted shoes are cracking along the crease lines. Got wet today crossing a ford!

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