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2023-04-11 [1] : Moving day - again!

Today's pictures are from a number of days ago .. I don't think you've seen them! The farmers must be getting desperate for rain!

We had to move condos today because of a noise issue with tenants above us at 1:30am for the last two nights. The property manager quickly fixed the situation by finding us another unit that is actually quite nice .. but it was more effort for us to move ofcourse! 

We still managed to get in an easy ride today out to Orba and over to Sagra/Pego and home via the bike path .. 60km 385m. 

We are a bit bushes right now however we think tonight will be quiet and a good sleep! Maybe tomorrow the Teulada loop.

These last week's are likely to be a repeat of our first month except for some day excursions on the tram down the coast.

I'll let the camera decide when to send a blog. 

Last night we watched the Paris-Rubaix femme and no one spoiled my surprise with the Canadian win! (Alison Jackson)

No fancy tv here so maybe we'll catch the men's replay tomorrow when we're more rested on Marion's ipod.

Cheers all,

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