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2023-04-19 [8] : Flat ride - Daimus and Rafelcofer

Yesterday we did our favourite Vall d'Ebo ride. We had great blue sky and punishing winds on the descent to Pego. We meandered through the orange groves once over the hill into Sagra. It was a great memory day.

Today we wanted to go flat and long so we went up the coast to Oliva and had a long breakfast in our favourite cafe. We then extended the route up to Daimus (a quiet beach just before Gandia) and then cut across the flats inland to Bellguard and Rafelcofer. Two interesting villages with some quiet roads back to Oliva (town portal in white) and home.

The Chardonnay we picked up for our salmon dinner was very good! From a vineyard 80km west of Valencia.

78km and only 200m of ascent.

We are counting down our days and Marion says we have to pick up the pace if we are going to break 3000km! It will be tight!

Harold and MarionĀ 

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