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2013-10-08 : Montefalco

After a one night stay in a very nice hotel in Assisi, we find ourselves in Montefalco in a very nice hotel on the edge of town. 

Yesterday we had a very nice ride to Assisi on a route that Marion suggested after Harold's became suspect upon close incline inspection! It turned out to be a very nice route with a short busy stretch all down hill before going 'around' the mountain to Assisi instead of over it!

As some of you know, it was just a few days ago that the Pope was in Assisi and so it was interesting to visit the Basilica of San Francesco. Very impressive. Very busy with devoted tourists and people dressed in various cloths of religious significance. We even saw the tailor shops fitting reverend peoples with new garb!

Ofcourse we were looking for a tavern for a beer but that was hard to come by! Finally we returned to the hotel for a cold one!

One night was enough in Assisi .. but still glad we stopped!

The clouds are now gathering around Montefalco and it will likely rain shortly .. Glad we are settled!

We think we can do a number of day rides from here but it will have to be in the morning as it looks like we are in a weather cycle that will give us afternoon rains!

Should be a nice way to wind down our cycling before Rome!

Cheers to all
Harold and Marion


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