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2022-04-06 [1] : Pollencia, Mallorca

Hi all,

We arrived in Pollencia, Mallorca Monday evening and are settling in to our nice AirBnB close to the centre of town. Cool temperatures means cool AirBnB (12C) but heaters have slowly warmed the place up. 

Yesterday (Tuesday) we enjoyed walking around town shopping for food and hanging out in the squares seeking sun! We found the stairway to heaven and counted 300 steps on the return after a great view of town with Port de Pollencia in distance.

Bikes went together well and weather is looking great with highs around 18C by Thursday. We just have to get through today's rain .. but we are enjoying some downtime.

Remember, send email to blog-off@nwind.ca if you want to hear less from us on this 2nd part of our trip .. we will not be offended!

Harold and Marion


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