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2022-04-17 [11] : Pastry delight

Who would have thought that a village called 'Burger' would have such a nice pastry shop! 

(OK .. I got the spelling wrong! .. it's 'Buger')

Marion ordered a veggie pie and I went for an apple filled crescent. Both were delicious! Nice square in front of the church as we sat in the shade watching the kids play with their soccer ball.

We've noticed a change over from last weeks larger pelotons (mostly with UK accents) to this weeks smaller mixed gender slower groups - mostly speaking German. 

Not as busy on the roads and squares today .. possibly because of Easter Sunday. I wonder what will be closed tomorrow (Monday!)

Very clear day with the mountains looking like cardboard cut-outs with so little depth of field!

MP03e1 was our route .. our favourite figure-8 extended to Sineu ( Buger-Muro-Sineu-Llubi-SaPablo 85km 650m.)

Harold and Marion
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