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2022-05-01 [22] : Ariany

Hi All,

We thought it would be a quiet day .. but suddenly we encountered lots of cyclists and road closures around Campanet! In Buger we changed our route and went off on a known quiet road. I think the locals are celebrating the tail end of the cycling season with lots of events in the local towns with road detours!

We still made it to Ariany and had our lunch in front of the church and took pictures of roses! The return through Petra, Maria de la Salut was all very nice on quiet back roads with mostly a tailwind home.

After working on Harold's brakes, we cleaned up and went into the square for dinner! Lovely seafood dinner with dessert! Sorry, no pics - it's a memory dinner!

Rain tomorrow but maybe it will be light. Who knows! We had a south-east wind today and it was quite warm. Verging on hot! 

Harold and Marion

MP14a2 ... 92km 840m

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