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2020-05-31 : A quick get-away ..

Hi All,

We booked this 4 day trip to Northumberland county pre-pandemic .. and now we find ourselves in Cobourg!

We arrived  about 12:30 noon with  cool and blustery weather and met up with Doug, Carman (Ottawa) and .. later .. Krysta from Guelph!

Carman, Doug, Marion and I got a ride in to the east .. all the way to Lakeport where Carman spent his early public school days!

It was a tail wind with cycling speeds of 35-40km/hr speeding down parts of HWY#2 before turning off on to to the lakeshore and being stopped by a rather long train!

Heading back to the north brought us through Vernon for a properly physically distanced snack at a Church est. 1862 ... before the lovely Broomfield Rd and a race to home on rollers with a few 20% grades! It is not often you can say that a 30km westerly wind had little effect on the ride!

Doug treated us to a salmon dinner complimented with Krysta's salad and asparagus .. all grilled on the BBQ! ( .. well, not the salad!)

Tomorrow the temperatures inch up .. We are so fortunate to be able to do this!

Hope all of you are doing well and don't mind getting these reports!

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Cheers Harold, Doug, Carman, Marion and Krysta!



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