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2012-10-01 : Ronda and local IV El Burgo and Campillos

What great way to celebrate Marion's birthday. First a 450m accent to 1200m mountain pass and then an amazing decent down to El burgo at somewhere around 400m just in time for cafe con letche! It is a good thing I fixed Marion's breaks last night!

We decided climbing back up to Ronda was not going to be in the cards so plan B went into action and off we went to try to catch the early train back to Ronda from Campillos - 54km away and across a large reservoir which I remember from my Google map explorations (not on any other of our map sources). It was a fabulous ride through pine tree forests and a turquoise lake around every turn. We arrived with 2 minutes to spare - and the train was 30 minutes late - which was fine! (Plan B was the later train - Plan C was spend the night in Campillos!)

We are finding that a great way to manage the extreme climbs in this area is to mobilize the trains!

Judy (Doug's wife ) arrived today and it was another great reason to go out for dinner tonight and we managed to find a very nice one!

Thank you everyone for writing in our travel log - we are enjoying your comments! Marion especially has enjoy your birthday wishes!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring? Marion says I am doing coffee and we finally got to a store and can do cafe in our apartment - Nic and Jenny: it looks like your small machine!

Cheers everyone - maybe tomorrow I can up load some pic's !

Harold and Marion

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