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2024-04-10 [8] : In search of the Alte waterworks

Last time we road to Alte we missed the main attractions! They have a swim hole and a waterfall and some Roman ruins! 

Off we went on a new route .. direct to Benafim on a great road with a wide shoulder and little traffic. At Benafim it was coffee and desserts!

Downhill to Alte and the search began .. but all we could find was a few colourful geese and ducks in a pool of water. Great place for lunch! We still could not find the 24m waterfall! No Roman ruins either!

The route home was on quiet back roads before an easy diversion to BIKELAND where Marion found a new jersey!

Last stop was the Lidl where we stuffed our back pockets with fish! (I bet you are wondering what that looks like!)

Harold and Marion

AL06a 72km 954m
(Marion wants to break 1000m .. soon)

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