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For this trip we created an 'event' on ridewithgps here ⇗. Many of the blog entries reference route numbers from this list.

Event Overview Map ⇗

Note: The above map shows all routes that we had hoped to do - we left one or two on the table for another time!

RidewithGPS Event Route Notes - April 2024

These routes have been created and adjusted for a 3 week exploration of the Algarve with our gravel/road bikes (33mm slicks). Many people have said the area was a great cycling destination and so we needed to check it out!

It has taken us most of the 3 weeks to understand the cycling here. Everyone says the roads are quiet as soon as you go inland north of the A22. The rwgps heat map would suggest alot of possible cycling routes. HOWEVER, this is miss-leading. Yes there are some great roads and routes and some of them are quiet but you need to be very selective. There are some roads that looked fine on streetview and the heatmap but were terrible to ride on because of heavy traffic (This is April 2024).

Slideshow - from blog pics ⇗

Blog ...

2024-04-02 [1] Beachcombers

2024-04-03 [2] Alte

2024-04-04 [3] Sao Bras de Alportel

2024-04-05 [4] Blow me up the hill - please!

2024-04-07 [5] Val de Ribeira

2024-04-08 [6] Faro

2024-04-09 [7] Loule and North

2024-04-10 [8] In search of the Alte waterworks

2024-04-11 [9] GPS Routes

2024-04-12 [10] Rule #1

2024-04-14 [11] Malhoa - Stupa Budista

2024-04-15 [12] Food .. and an easy ride

2024-04-17 [13] Querenca

2024-04-18 [14] Benafim and Monte Brito

2024-04-21 [15] Last ride

2024-04-24 [16] Lisboa

photos by Harold Blount - Copyright © 2007-2024
hb at nordicwind dot ca