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2024-04-18 [14] : Benafim and Monte Brito

Benafim has a nice cafe ..  so that was our target today! (AL06a 66km 900m?)

We ordered tostado with cheese and ham .. not the same as what you would get in Spain .. but still nice! Nice people at the cafe.

Our route took us to Alte then down the 13% ramp and up the 11% ramp .. then down all the way to Monte Brito where Harold's back wheel went flat. Nice place to stop, sit in the shade and chat with the locals .. nice gentleman from Morocco!

Easy ride home .. cool breeze as temperature lower today .. 24C?

Left overs tonight. Dinner out tomorrow!

Nice to see different people win yesterday's cycling races .. but terrible weather in Austria and Belgium!

Cheers all,
H and M

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