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2024-04-17 [13] : Querenca

Another hot day in Portugal! A bit hazy but humid .. hi around 28C and the sun was strong. Not a breath of air!

Marion says we'll go home and freeze our buns off! .. but we'd better not complain about the weather here!

This was a great ride today on mostly quiet roads!

Querenca is a hill top village on a quiet road in the middle of nowhere. They have a restaurant/cafe and an interesting bandshell .. so they must have concerts in the summer. Yes we came up the cobblestone road with 10+% grade .. walked the last bit.

Too early for lunch so we continued on to Salir and sat on a bench in the shade and drank juices and ate peanut butter and honey sandwiches.

Then down a steep narrow road of poured concrete and across a stream before a nice road took us to the high point of Portela da Nave at 300m elevation.

... then lots of down to Nave das Sobreiras and then the chase began on the busier M524 all the way home. At 2pm maybe everyone was finished lunch and heading back in to the office?

AL01 68km 1050m ascent.

Pasta tonight .. maybe watch a bike race too!

I've read two great books this trip: 'Horse' (by Brooks) and 'The World that we knew' (Hoffman). I read some others but these stand out!

Cheers all,
H & M

PS: Sunday we pack the bikes up and fly to Lisbon for 3 nights before we are back in Ottawa Thursday.

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