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2024-04-03 [2] : Alte

Hi all,
Thanks for your emails - we appreciate hearing your news!

Today we woke up to dense fog which disappeared as we headed inland.

Our tentative Algarve routes are here:
https://ridewithgps.com/events/297582 ⇗

Today's route was AL06 - a loop to the high point of Alte (200m) - but don't let that fool you! It was a 71km day with total ascent of 935m!

We enjoyed quiet roads - the narrow cobblestones of Alte were especially quiet! Wild flowers and blossoms everywhere. Fog when we got back to Quarteira for that special beer!

As Marion says, it was a country romp up and down all day!


PS ... The return route ended quickly at a dead end .. so we connected up with our 'out' route for the return - also because we liked the roads so much!

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