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2024-04-02 [1] : Beachcombers

This is April 2nd .. so it must be Portugal! Except all the restaurants seem to be Italian, the drivers drive like Italians and when you order a cafe con leche it tastes terrible (and none of the staff speak Portuguese! Next time Marion will order cappuccino!)

We arrived in Portugal yesterday and flew to Faro with rainbows on our wings. Our condo in Quarteira for the next 3 weeks is beautiful and we are well situated for what we hope will be some great riding.

Today was a late start as we recovered from yesterday's flights and assembled bikes. Finally at 3pm we drifted out the front door down the boardwalks and along the beach. 

Tomorrow we head inland to what we are told will be quiet roads. Maybe someone will even speak Portuguese! 

Cheers all!
Harold and Marion

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