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2021-07-31 [10] : Day 6 : Chanterelle

I betcha you all know that "Chanterelle" is a mushroom! It's also a very nice Inn 16km north of the Gaelic College where we left our cars for the week!

The plan today was to wake up to a mist blowing out of the hills, turn that into a sunny day with a rainbow to start (both ends - double pot of gold!) and then cycle 77km with  1250 metres of ascent and a fierce 40km headwind gusting to 60km off of Cape Smoke (275m) before picking up our cars and going for a Spruce Ale at the friendly pub at the Lobster Galley.

Check, check .. we did it all and more!

Traffic was moderate today (weekend effect?) but road was mostly good with at least a half shoulder and good behaviour from cars.

Views spectacular, headwind mostly tolerable but exhausting.

Conversation nil with so much wind .. but we stopped at Dancing Moose Cafe and caught up. (What is it with this names!)

Our last dinner together is in 4 minutes .. and the restaurant looks very interesting!

Harold and Marion

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