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2021-07-30 [9] : Keltic Lodge

Did you ever look at the outline of Cape Breton and compare it to Scotland? .. well, now you have your homework!

Today we left the Aspy Inn after a great breakfast .. but in a rush because we could see the rain coming from New Brunswick on the radar! The promise was that we would not get rain til mid afternoon. 

Our route today took us along White Point Road close to the shore and finally down to Neil's Harbour. It was a quiet and windy road with some great views and 4 or 5 steep short ascents at 13% and more! Lots of fun .. really!

Joining up with the official Cabot Trail road gave us some more ascents (not as steep) and great views of a rocky shoreline with lots of pink rock (granite and feldspar?).

We could smell coffee, so we pushed on to the Ingonish Bay and were rewarded with a wonderful food and coffee stop at the "Salty Rose's and Periwinkle Cafe"! With such a name, how could we go wrong! Carman had oatcakes and Marion and I shared a banana loaf slice and a "seedy" cookie. Both were excellent along with great coffee!

The community was rebuilding a barn that had burnt down over the winter which made interesting viewing along with the 2nd of 3 white churches for the day!

We are now at the Keltic Lodge in luxury with a dinner booking for 6:15pm .. and the rain has been upon us for a few hours now while we've been looking on in comfort!

Tomorrow another sunny day .. and another great restaurant we understand!

We have learned that we are really lucky to be here cycling on the tail of the pandemic as normally the roads are packed with RVs and the shops and restaurants packed. Not so for us!

We also learned that black flies and mosquitos are a 3 season afair and only disappear with the snow!


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