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2021-07-29 [8] : Four Mile Beach Inn

As Carman says .. this was a three church day! All white!

We had a great time in Pleasant Bay and a great meal at the Rusty Anchor outside overlooking the bay.

Today's route quickly ramped up as we re-entered the Park heading in-land towards Cape North. The climb up North Mountain started at 5km and peaked at 10km and 425m elevation. Lots of 13% slopes pushing 15% at times and averaging 8.7%. We had a tailwind, lots of sun and cool temperatures in low 20s C.

Marion claims it was cold enough to snow at the top when the road leveled out and the forest turned to scrub and swamp. The wind was blowing pretty good and cooled us down quickly!

Ofcourse the descent was fast and twisty as we crossed the Asby FaultĀ  Line which threatens to cut Cape Breton in two! Ofcourse our Inn tonight is in Asby .. so can that mean we are on the fault line? Doesn't matter as when we arrived and started exploring, we found Nivana and Harold beat everyone in to the sea with a chilly swim at Four Mile Beach! (I'm still waiting for the others to get wet!)

Another trivia today was that John Cabot likely landed around here with his ship the Mathew and a crew of 14. He "discovered" North America in 1497.

We've ordered in for food tonight at this nice Inn looking over North Harbour Bay.


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