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2021-07-28 [7] : Abbey

Thunderstorms over night with a steady rain by 9am. The forecast was for rain all day but no problem .. as today was a rest day!

Then at 11:30 the sun came out and the clouds drifted in-land! Off we went on a quiet road past Red River to the Abbey .. hugging the coast and heading north.

We did not know what to expect at the end of the road and were surprised to find an amazing "Stupa of Enlightenment". We discovered that the Abbey was a Buddhist Abbey - still operating. All around the Stupa are Buddhist truths that are ment to enlighten the visitor. We spent quite a bit of time reading the words of wisdom and debating their merits!

Tomorrow is suppose to be sunny .. and a big climb. We plan on exploring the northern beaches .. so stay tuned!

Do you like Marion's new kit? I do!

Harold and Marion

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