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2021-07-27 [6] : French Mountain - Pleasant Bay

Today's ride was from Margaree Harbour to Pleasant Bay going up the west coast. 

But before starting out, we had a great breakfast at the Inn. Marion particularly liked the blueberry pancakes .. which she gratiously shared with Harold!

Our approach to French Mountain (450m elevation) was mostly flat to Cheticamp with a mist in the inland valleys drifting out to greet us periodically.

There is a strong French influence here (Acadian) as evident by the street names, mail boxes and the point of land called "St. Joseph du Moine". 

Rounding the bend from Cheticamp, we entered the Cabot Trail National Park, paid our fee and started to climb. That's when everybody's wish came true and the mist drifted away and the sun came out!

Ofcourse this immediately elevated the humidex to well over 30C. Be careful what you wish for! But in this case, the clearing skies gave us some great views on our accent looking out to sea and into the valleys!

Not much of a marker at the top of French Mountain other than a weather station. 

We finished the ride with rolling hills along a high ridge before descending rapidly to Pleasant Bay through a series of tight switchbacks with some great outlooks.

What a great ride! We had quiet roads, hardly any campervans, a good shoulder, great road surface and fabulous views!

I've attached a small map showing our route. We are at the red flag now and tomorrow we are exploring the area and staying a second night.

Dinner was great at the Inn with live music with us the only patrons! 

Harold and Marion

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