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2020-02-11 : A rest day - touring Denia

Big expeditions always have rest days .. so why shouldn't we?

We lounged around until 10am then went off in separate directions as Charles and Carman hiked the slopes of Park Naturel de Montgo, Doug toured the local market and Harold and Marion visited the Denia Castle.

Great views from the castle! Charles and Carman had a great hike and lunch and Doug cooked us a fabulous fish dinner!

We continue to enjoy our Condo and the weather here. Tomorrow we are off to climb the Col de Rates with Gerry and Neil!

Carman gets to trade his plaster cast with a super light brace tomorrow! Swelling has dropped too!

Cheers H,M,C,C and D


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photos by Harold Blount - Copyright © 2019
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