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2020-02-12 : Col de Rates - a climbing day!

Today - too many pics to choose from!

As you know, we've been building for this ride for the last 2 weeks and ... "Today was the Day!"

Neil expertly took us on a direct route to Parcent "sans de l'eau" where we fueled up with coffee for the first major ascent! Col de Rates. 6km ascent to an elevation of 625m .. mostly 5 and 6% grades.

Lunch at a restaurant in Tarbena where we caught some pics of CCC - a Polish pro-team cruising through town.

After lunch, another climb to Pureto de sa Creueto at 780m (13% last km!).. but first Gerry had a front hub melt down! Neil took the short route home to get the car!

At Pureto de sa Creueto we caught the FDJ (France) pro team peaking. Nice chat with the support van where we scooped some water bottles! Pics to follow!

Heading on (H,M,D,C) it was all down to Castell de Castells and more down to Benigembla, Parcent .. and what the heck, let's do one more climb to Pedreguer and a quick route home!

Yes, it was a fabulous day! And today Carman replaced his plaster cast with a space-age brace and retrieved his bike from rentals!

So .. tomorrow another day and a route for Carman with smooth roads!

Cheers! H,M,C,D



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photos by Harold Blount - Copyright © 2019
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