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2022-03-20 [13] : Wind, fire, smoke, toxic plum and rain

Last night was the climax of the "Fallas Festiva de Valencia" where at 8:30pm they blew up the small displays and by 10:30 the large 'adult' displays.

We went to the early showing. All was interesting until the plastics started burning and a large plum of dark smoke enveloped us. We moved out pretty quick - glad we had masks on!  I think papiermache would have been safer .. 

This morning the weather forecast was optimistic so off we went to Orba hoping to do the Val de Ebo route but yet again the valley socked in and the rain drove us home. We were very wet and cold as the eastern wind blew in cool air igniting more rain. Finally, this afternoon we managed a walk into town between downpours. (We keep being sucked in by bouts of sun!)

Tomorrow more rain. We are comfortable here and there are some bike races to watch but unfortunately 3 of us have to head home in another 7 days so we are all hoping for a change in this weather pattern .. soon!

Yes, still Cheers!
H,M,D,C and S


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