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2022-03-21 [14] : We win!

Yes, we thought today was a no-ride day as they forecast 90% rain punctuated with 'downpours'. Montgo was in mist, so we went for a walk out the pier and had coffee and pastries. 

... but then by 1pm we got a glimmer of sun and the forecast was better .. so we jumped on the bikes and sped up the drag strip heading north on the coast returning on quiet roads. The sun shone when Harold had a flat and then the mist rolled in and we coasted back into town pleased we beat Mother Nature this one time!

Dinner by Shirley and Doug .. it was great!

.. more optimistic about tomorrow for some perverse reason as Marion makes our breakfast fruit salad and sandwiches for the ride!

M,H,D,S and C


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