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2022-03-27 [19] : A Meander up the coast

This morning we said goodbye to Carman.

Today was Doug and Shirley's last day and the inland routes still looked socked in with temperatures at 11 and 12C and dew point the same. So we stuck to the sunny coast and meandered north to the beaches of Oliva on all the small roads with beach access!

It was a great day and fun way to end the tour with Doug and Shirley. Out to dinner tonight at our favourite tapis place .. and a walk through town looking for icecream!

We've had a great time with Carman, Shirley and Doug despite the rain. We had maybe 4 rain days we did not ride although many routes were compromised and only a few early rides in the hills with sun!

Tomorrow Marion and I have sun .. with lots of guilt .. as we say Goodbye to Doug and Shirley and head into the hills. We have one more week here before we fly to Mallorca!

H,M,D and S


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