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2022-03-28 [20] : Col de Rates and Puerto de Sa Creueta

Hi All,

Busy day to day .. goodbye to Doug and Shirley at 10am then on the bikes at 10:30 with the sky looking promising. Our target was Col de Rates and Puerto de Sa Creueta. (LSW3 if anyone is still checking .. but in reverse direction coming out as a figure-8!)

This is a big climbing day and we were not sure how the weather would present it self! Fortunately, the mist was only at the top of Col de Rates which we quickly escaped heading down in to the next valley.

Lots of flooding and washouts but nothing we could not navigate around. It's going to take a while for the fields to dry out!

Lots of different terrain today which made it  pretty interesting! And lots of cyclists out as this is the first good climbing day in probably 10 days or more! 

We worked hard today but enjoyed the ride immensely! 96.5km 1280m ascent. 

Spaghetti for dinner with a few special chocolates and cookies!

.. so quiet in the house now that it is just the two of us!

Harold and Marion

PS ..it was hard to pick photos today because so many  of them are special to us .. so I'll sprinkle them through other blog dates .. ;) 


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