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2022-03-11 [3] : Forna

Just three of us today as Doug and Shirley took some quality time off!

Forna is a small village in the side of a mount close to a castle with a very pretty central gathering point around a restaurant. That was our target today starting with a meander in the orange groves before climbing out of Sagra, over the mountain and down to Pego for a coffee! Suddenly it was noon! And we still had some climbing to get the 8km to Forna!

After lunch it was wonderful downs on quiet roads before we wandered back to Denia on yesterday's route out. 

We have been cooking at the AirBnB now for 4 nights and the food has been excellent. There are two really good grocery stores around the corner and today Doug picked up salmon which we broiled along with veggies. It was excellent!

Rain tomorrow morning which we hope will clear quickly by mid-morning. We have big plans! Stay tuned!

H,M,C,S and D

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