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2022-03-12 [4] : Tired, Tyred and Winded

Hi All,

Yesterday I was Tired .. and made a number of spelling mistakes.

Today I had a small leak in my front tyre (to use a UK spelling) complimented with 1100m of climbing and lots of Wind.

.. but of course, it was a great day in the hills up Col de Bernia and and down the Pinos side with great views of the coast and the distinctive coastal town of Calpe.

Highlights today include the chocolate brownie at our coffee shop, the refreshing "juego de naranja" at lunch and Shirley's fabulous paella dinner outside on our patio!

Our rides are mostly the ones our UK friends connected us with in 2020 and then we sometimes  modify according to actual rides with Gerry, Neil and Peter in 2020.

Here is a link:


We did MSW1 today!


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