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2024-03-15 [14] : Thyme and rosemary

A Big day .. climb to Puerto de Bernina with a  refreshing Fanta Lemon at the summit restaurant followed by a big down to our favourite postal box for a group photo. (Just Marion and I this year.)

At one point all I could smell on the climb was rosemary and thyme as the sun released some wonderful aromas!

Ofcourse we had some fabulous views of Calpe in the distance with its iconic rock.

Yesterday was a memory day .. no camera .. good memories .. and you?

This is Las Fallas weekend so firecrackers going off in town this evening. Lots of interesting monuments going up to be set on fire March 19th. More pics to come!

Sorry about the picture sizes .. but I hate sending images that have poor resolution!

Cheers all,
M and H

(Click on image to open large version in new tab.)


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