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2024-03-17 [15] : Snowflake at 38.8N latitude

Yes Ottawa we can share your pain .. we found a snowflake! Fortunately it was on the climb up Sorell from the steep side with a warm 24C air temp ... in the shade!

Leaving town today we chased some parades with people in period dress and brass bands. Las Fallas is building!

We meandered through the orange groves taking in the perfumes of the orange trees (second bloom?) up to Tormos and back to Rafol looking for a lunch spot. Found some more wall murals ... in Rafol!

Over Sagra and back up Sorell completed the day for H and M. Doug went straight home on his favourite road through the orange groves (Cemetery road).
Tomorrow Doug and Shirley leave us for a romantic three days in Paris!

H, M, D and S
65km 525m

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