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2024-03-04 [4] : Sagra and Sorel climbs

Yesterday was a quiet day exploring the pastry shops and walking around town while the winds blew tables around the squares. Doug and Shirley went for a hike along the base of Mongo (the local mountain) .. legs a bit sore today. (Nice sunset on pier!)

Today a few mechanical issues separated us on our ride .. then Doug caught Marion and Harold in Orba for lunch before M&H did the Sagra climb, Pego for lunch #2 and back up the steeper Sorel.
Great tailwinds through the orange groves today with Mongo hovering in the distance. We managed to stretch the ride to 75km and 650m ascent with a deviation to El Verger.
href="https://ridewithgps.com/events/290480-denia-2024 ⇗
The above link shows some of the rides we will likely do this trip. Today we did D24-04 thinking we still wanted to stay low with the gusty winds and cloud cover. (But ofcourse we added the two climbs ..).
Joan, Ric and Dale Potter arrived today! Tomorrow they get their bikes .. exciting times because two bikes are Willier e-bikes!
Winds are a little less tomorrow with sun but high of 17C. Not sure where we'll go!
H,M,D and S

PS .. the B word has to be Beniarbeig .. with the Meridia 0deg. Bridge!

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