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2024-03-02 [3] : Big sky day

We learned a few more words today:

Fuego means fire .. so we could not eat the chips! 

Chicken-Provincial .. means a very big frypan of veggies .. eventually it cooked!

A windy day means head-wind then an easy ride home from Sagra.

Our B word for the day: Benimeli (just past el Rafol d'Almunia).

Doug, Marion and Harold on the ride today ... with lots of confusion in Orba as the one-way roads have been reversed (warning from Neil!).

Coffee in Rafol for Doug while Marion and Harold shot up the Col de Sorel and back .. then our tailwind home brought us across the 0degee Meridion bridge yet again!

More wind tomorrow .. so plans unsettled. Sun still shining.


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