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2023-04-04 [7] : Sumacarcer

No gravel, no traffic, no problems!

We took a different route out of town today .. more to the east .. and found some really quiet roads!

We stopped for a "slow" coffee and Tostada (very good!) in the small town of La Pobla Llarga .. just outside of Carcaixent (pay attention .. this name will come up this weekend!) The town has an interesting church tower but hard to photograph! Lots of 2 and 3 story buildings in the core which made it nice .. people were friendly! (Simpatico!)

The hills seemed a long way off as we took a sharp turn to the west and picked up a tailwind on another quiet road with an interesting church!

Traffic picked up as we got to Tours with the ambition of climbing up to the top of the dam!.. but we were turned away because of construction on the road.

Instead we took a quiet side road through the orange fields towards Sumacarcer only to be diverted (by choice) to climb the alternate route towards the base of the dam. Very quiet roads. We did a U-TURN halfway up and had a pleasant lunch in Sumacarcer. Andreas (son #3) told us that the dam burst a number of years ago and caused great damage. 

Quiet road home. A great second day cycling in Xativa! I think we've figured it out!

Marion and Harold

PS: our routes that we are choosing from are here:
and today's ride was X08...
Ofcourse we sometimes modify these or make something up that's completely different!

PPS: the pictures I take are from a Canon SX620 and I do extensive cropping and colour adjustments each day to try to make the pictures "sing" (using Samsung phone and Google 'photo' app). Sometimes I go too far and colours may look weird ;)

PPPS: I try to keep attached pictures around 6 and under 10meg .. usually 6-8meg .. but sometimes I can't help myself and the images get bigger!

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