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2023-03-16 [14] : Gandia - a bridge not too far

Last year (rained alot!) we tried a number of times to get to Gandia and the beach our friend Peter guided us too in 2020. Today we finally made it!

Lots of wind and quite cool at times but it was still a perfect day.

We went out for dinner tonight to give Carman an early birthday celebration .. foody pics to follow!

Tomorrow a new route .. stay tuned!

81km 150m 

.. and ofcourse we ran into some interesting satirical artworks in the town squares today in preparation for Los Fallas celebrations this weekend. Lots of firecrackers going off in the town at any hour of the day .. which often make us jump to the entertainment of the kids!

H,M and C

(Click on image to open large version in new tab.)


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