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2023-03-07 [5] : Blow me home .. please!

It turned out this was a windy day .. especially by afternoon when we decided to return from up the coast on what we call "the drag strip" .. with the wind pushing us home!

.. but I'm getting ahead of myself! This was Gerry and Neil's last big cycle day so they chose the route up to Rotova (some times called Le Fonts) with a coffee stop in Oliva.

The best part of the ride was lunch in Rotova with Marion inspecting the amazing copper door to the church!

The return to Oliva and on to Denia was a fabulous down hill and tailwind all the way!

I include a picture of Carman contemplating the Vall d'Ebo "valley" from a few days ago!

Cheers all!
C,M,H,N,G and H 

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