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2023-03-08 [6] : Spa time

Spa Time? Not really .. we did not get in the water .. but we did watch the wild life and take a few pictures!

Starting out this morning we took the scenic route to Oliva stopping at a cafe with an interesting table top.

Then on to Font Salada - which is a pool fed by a natural hot spring. Locals and tourists flock to it on sunny days. We just watched and enjoyed the ambiance.

Ofcourse then we had to do a climb (Sorell then down to El Rafol) and test our legs .. 170m in 2km with grades up to 9%. This is the direction the pros do! (Both Marion and Helen beat the guys to the top).

We met Helen yesterday .. a Brit connected with our other Brit friends through cycling.

Today was a nice hot day at 27C or 24C depending on which sign you looked at!

71km 358m ascent .. a relaxing day with still lots of wind!

.. I think a bit more climbing tomorrow with lighter winds!

H,M,C and H

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