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2011-10-03 : Aubusson, France

This is it! A place to stay two nights and celebrate Marion's birthday tomorrow on the 1st of Oct.

This town is very interesting with lots of tapestry galleries and old buildings and shops and seems to be a good place to pause our cycling legs and walk around a bit!

We are in a very nice Logis de France hotel and today on our cycle here we stopped for lunch (imagine that!) And had a very nice one in a little country Auberge with all the locals for 12E each including a litre of wine which we declined as we still had 35km to ride!

The weather forecast for all of France seems to be sun, sun, sun with highs around 30C and morning lows at 14C - it is like summer never stops! Even the locals are amazed! Mornings can still be cool on the hands in the shade going down hill but it is a minor inconvenience!

Cheers to all,
Marion and Harold

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photos by Harold Blount - Copyright © 2019
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