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2011-10-03 : Argentat

The last 3 or 4 days have been fabulous.

Marion celebrated her birthday in Aubusson with a day off cycling and lots of walking around. Yes Joyce, the tapestries are fabulous and I think I should make a weaving machine if only I can get some interesting patterns!

We left Aubusson on quiet roads and discovered the even quieter town of Meymac which is a very beautiful town centred around an old church and Abbey. Yes we finally did find a restaurant open that was serving especially for the hotel guests of the town so we did nopt have to suffer weight loss and hunger pains!

The ride to Agentat today was hilly with a final climb before we dropped yet again into a gorge and the pretty town with two fine hotels. As the trip comes to a close we seem to be selecting more comfortable hotels and tonight was a great choice with a great restaurant!

Tomorrow we are in Gramat which is an old medival town I believe and we have chosen a route that will put us on a climb first thing in the morning with the sun on our backs. The sun is low in the sky at this latitude and season which sometimes puts the sun in our eyes first thing in the morning!

Many thanks for all your comments and birthday wishes and we hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

Harold and Marion

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photos by Harold Blount - Copyright © 2019
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