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2011-10-06 : Monpazier, France

Today the wind stirred and pulled in a few clouds giving us a day of sun then cloud as we succesfully found all the small roads from Gourdon to here. With the trees blowing we could hear the chestnuts and acorns dropping in the forests and on the roads around us and all I could think about was the sharp point on the end of these acorns and the rather large ventilation holes in my helmet! Fortunately no acorns found their mark today.

Monpazier is a small walled town with a quiet centre plaza with no cars ringed with cafes and shops. Very quiet compared to last night and so we've decided to stay 2 nights here and do a day ride tomorrow over to the Dordogne river to the north of us.

The weather is suppose to cool off in the next few days and give us highs closer to 20C with with a mix of cloud and sun.

We booked our Saturday in Duras and will soon be in Bordeaux!

Wanda: a few days ago we cycled through Rocamadour and thought of you and our trip many years ago! Hope all is well with you and David and the dog and cats!

Harold and Marion

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