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2016-09-28 : Monopello Scalo .. Ripacorbaria

Here we are in a very nice agritourismo B&B well inland from Pescara enjoying the views of the steep valleys and listening to the tractors moving up and down the steep fields!

We arrived about 1:30pm and our host wanted to cook us a meal right away! We accepted! It was a delicious prima and secondi Italian meal mostly from their farm! Then they brought out the digestive drink which we had a small quantity of with our expresso - very strong flavours from the region .. An acquired taste .. I managed to get mine down!

The roads from Atri were mostly quiet today and not too steep. 69km 1080m ascent.

As you can see from the pictures, our stay in Atri was interesting .. the ride from San Benedetto was a great ride along the beaches for 50km before an easy ascent up to Atri and a 2 night stay in a lovely B&B.

Tom and Rosemarie left us yesterday to start working there way to Rome and a flight home. Marion and I are now on our own as we make our way south!

Tomorrow's destination is Lanciano for 3 nights over the weekend!

Harold and Marion



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